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New bags added to Nature for 2017!

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Welcome 2017! we have added new design added to the collection.

Geometrical shapes is the urban side of our lives, we work and social, we are logical and friendly and we use technology to remain connected. And nature texture is representing people’s instinct as a human being. I appreciate nature and I always love seeing leaves and flowers on my walk with dogs. It’s so normal and magical at the same time. These two elements are the basic of our lives now and I want to use these two inspirations to admire human being and the mother nature.

We are a finalist at Independent Handbag Designer Award!

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Hooray!! We are a finalist in Catagory:

The EVINE Live Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design – These bags represent the best-execution in complete style and design. The winner in this category will receive a booth at WWDMAGIC, a mentorship with Hilldun, and a brand consultancy with the Accessory Think Thank. The Best Overall will also earn an exciting opportunity to sell her line on-air on EVINE Live.

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We are Black Sheep! on NJAL

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NOT JUST A LABEL’s Black Sheep are a selection of designers from the NJAL community that the scouting team have identified as being especially innovative, pioneering and striking in their work. 

NJAL’s logo, a black sheep, was chosen because of the mission the company set for itself: stand out, swim against the stream, break moulds and change the landscape of fashion.

Behind the Scenes

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Ellia Wang is inspired by so many things around her that she is constantly design and creating new ideas for her collections. As a designer, she finds it difficult to stay on track because, when her creative juices are flowing, she may end up with hundreds of sketches. Her design process is very personal, involving difficult elimination and refinement to the collection. It takes days to pick the right handbag, dozens of prototypes and an unlimited amount of flats. In the end, her hard work is paid off when quality products are formed.  

Ellia Wang: The Company

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