Ellia Wang

true luxury with creative designs & handcraftsmanship

true luxury with creative designs and handcraftsmanship

About Ellia

Ellia Wang is an US based Chinese designer. she shows modern individuality through her innovative designs. Every handbag and accessory is refined to reach perfection throughout the process. She believes that every woman deserves her own luxury product that conveys elegance, class, and personal style.


Each handbag by Ellia Wang is designed to be unique and timeless. With a minimal, yet innovative aesthetic, Ellia Wang's designs are distinct and recognizable. Geometrics and nature remain her prominent inspiration for handbags as seen in the Layered Clutch and the Flower Bag.

100% Handmade

Ellia uses Italian Calf leather which has a subtle and smooth, yet strong and durable texture. Each bag is designed and created from the beginning by Ellia herself. She initiates each design by first studying her inspirations, forming ideas, creating paper samples, and ultimately producing the leather pieces. At least three different pattern sets and samples are made for each concept in order to test out the best possible structure and to ensure the final look is distinct and functional. Each bag is carefully examined until satisfaction is reached in style, craftsmanship, and most importantly, quality.

I wish the products can bring fun into my customers’ lives, and that’s enough for me to live happily and ever.
— Ellia Wang